'Living A Lifestyle of Gratitude' Episodes


Episode One - What is Gratitude?

This episode gives you a better understanding of gratitude in general and helps to set the foundation for where the series will go.

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Episode Two - Gratitude Helps You to Appreciate Life

This episode discusses how gratitude helps you to appreciate life because it changes your perspective on life. Don’t miss how blessed you are by focusing on what you don’t have!

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Episode Three - Gratitude Unlocks Abundance

This episode helps you to understand the value of what God has already given you and helps you to be grateful for ENOUGH. If you don’t learn to be grateful for your ENOUGH – you can never get to abundance. 

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Episode Four - Gratitude Cultivates Compassion

This episode teaches us that when we learn to show ourselves compassion that it is easier to share compassion with others. 

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Episode Five - Gratitude Silences Our Ego

This episode discusses how living a lifestyle of gratitude causes our ego to take a backseat. Gratefulness forces you to deal with selfishness. 

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Episode Six - Gratitude Increases Resilience

This episode explains how gratitude increases your resilience because it helps you to see that EVERYTHING is not wrong. We learned to move from FEELING grateful to BEING grateful.

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Gratitude Series Part II

Episode Seven - Gratitude Leads to Forgiveness.

This episode discusses the statement “forgive and forget” and taught us to be grateful for our lessons and to open our heart to the possibility of forgiveness.

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Episode Eight - Gratitude Uncovers Authentic joy

This episode clarifies how being grounded in gratefulness frees you from only having moments of happiness and allows you to experience authentic joy. 

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Episode Nine - Gratitude Demands Detox

This episode will challenge you to finish your detox by PRACTICING gratefulness. It discusses ‘negative self talk’ and why we should silence our inner critic.

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Episode Ten - Gratitude Produces Peace

This episode teaches us that gratitude lessens the anxiety to chase what’s missing. Be anxious for nothing!

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Episode Eleven - Gratitude Pleases God

This episode clarifies that God owes us nothing but gives us everything. You will learn that we should express gratefulness to God and also to those that God uses to bless us.

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Episode Twelve - Gratitude Yields Power

This final episode is very relaxed but filled with BOOM moments. It discusses the transformative power of living a lifestyle of gratitude and being grounded in gratefulness. 

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